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CANNADARM Cannaderm Medicated Body Cream 6oz - Floral Topicals Cream

Cannaderm Medicated Body Cream 6oz - Floral




Cannaderm is a exceptional medicated pain relieving cannabis cream. Cannaderm blends the highest quality ingredients, refreshing essential oil scents, and perfect activated cannabinoid strength, into a smooth, decadent body cream that is sure to please the senses. Cannaderm is a topical, fine tuned through extensive trial and error, that stands above the average product available today. This handmade body cream combines a rich blend of high quality ingredients into a perfectly whipped smooth, light texture that moisturizes without leaving oily residues. Fresh essential oils lightly scent our lotion with a pleasant and faint aroma that will not overpower the senses unlike many common salves found in stores. The aroma of cannabis is also absent from Cannaderm; this is a strong selling point for our current customers.