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Green Privilege THC Syrup - Watermelon 1200mg

Green Privilege



Green Privilege
Available in 3 flavors: Watermelon Pink Lemonade Grape 4 oz Bottle containing a Total of 1200mg of THC  -  100mg / serving Very potent syrup, medically dose with caution! Mix with your favorite drink or drink straight up. Up to 10 doses per bottle. Cannabis infused syrup. This high THC syrup packs a big punch. Each 4fl oz bottle contains 1200mg of RSO style and potent hashish. "I had some pain from a recent car accident on my right lower side of my body and was in some desperate need of pain relief. I could honestly say this stuff really did the job. And it also makes you sleep like a baby!"  - Jerome H. This particular product is made with Pure THC Oil, a type of concentrated cannabis oil known to have many health benefits such as: Pain Relief Relaxes Muscles Relieves Spasms Reduces Seizures Relieves Headaches and Migraines Relieves Stress Relaxing and calming Feelings of well-being and at-ease Depression Cachexia Hepatitis C Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Nausea Insomnia Depression Back Pain Joint Pain Crohn's Nausea Cough Body Pain Toothache Radiculopathy Internal Aching Pain Anxiety Headache Muscle Spasms PMS Lower Body Pain Asthma Leg Pain Knee Pain Butt Pain Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts Stimulates and energizes Cancer Epilepsy Seizures Increases Focus Creativity